Dear Readers of Scuba Diving Magazine:

We hope you enjoyed reading Scuba Diving Magazine’s article on The Islands that Time Forgot.

We’re excited to know that Guanaja has been “rediscovered” by active divers. We’re equally thankful that we can still count the number of vacation accommodations in Guanaja on one hand!  Accessible only via small aircraft coming in from Roatan, Guanaja has remained pleasantly void of any major-size resorts and hotels.

Quite the opposite of the typical massive all-inclusive resort that feels generic and staged, Villa on Dunbar Rock offers authenticity, high service standards and food quality equal to any boutique hotel.  We also have less than a handful of active dive operators on the island.  Which means our reef system has been subject to very little diver impact.

With few dive operators on the island, guests always get their pick of the best, rarely visited dive sites. Concierge dive services and a low diver-to-divemaster ratio guarantee a relaxed experience enjoying some of the Caribbean’s most virgin reefs.

Contact us to find out more and become one of the few to visit our no-longer forgotten island!

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