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Guanaja Scuba Diving

2 custom dive boats The Dive Shop Diving the best of the north and south Boat rides vary from 20 – 30 minutes for dives along the south to up to 45 minutes for dives along the northern coast. Boats generally depart at 8:30 am for the morning 2-tank dive, returning for lunch with the …

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Gear Rental

We also have wet suits, but in a limited quantity, so you may wish to consider bringing your own. Prior to your arrival at Clark’s, you will receive a guest questionnaire in which we inquiry about your need for rental gear.  We should be able to accommodate all rental gear requests, but it is important …

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Fly Fishing

Our Fishing Most fly fishermen have never even heard of Guanaja, but trust us, this pristine flats fishery in the Caribbean is an exceptional destination, especially between December and July. Picture your saltwater fly-fishing experiences in Mexico and Belize, then remove 95% of the other anglers from the picture. The flats here, a highly diverse flats …

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Click here to learn more about our efforts working with the Pack for a Purpose organization. Bo’s Waterfall At some point during the week when we are returning from diving, or simply killing time on a surface interval, we’ll stop at Bo’s Place.  We’ll take some time to explore the surrounding gardens and then take a short hike …

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About Us

The current owner and management have added even more sparkle to this jewel. More importantly, they have added more sparkle in the eyes of the local people.  They are fiercely committed to “giving back” to the people of Guanaja. Their team and a significant number of supporters established Guanaja’s first Library and Learning Center.  Staff members and …

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