US Reentry Testing Protocols

As of January 26, the US joined the list of countries, including Canada, that require proof of a negative COVID test in order to reenter your home country.

As part of our commitment to provide our guests with the best vacation experience possible, we've developed a plan to ensure our guests get the required tests in a timely manner. We've also developed protocols for what to expect should you test positive while on vacation.


Getting Tested in Guanaja

  • Employees are being tested weekly to ensure that there are no active cases among the staff.
  • COVID PCR testing will be made available for our guests at our approximate cost when needed as an exit requirement for leaving Honduras or reentry into another country.

What Happens if I Test Positive?

  • Should a Guest test positive and be unable to leave the resort, they will be attended to by staff, following Covid isolation guidelines.
  • Medical support is available in Guanaja and if needed, will be provided at the Guests' expense.
  • Guests will be obligated to pay a room cost of $1000.00 per person per week to cover basic expenses.
  • Trip Insurance is highly recommended to help defray this cost!  Quarantine is a covered reason for Travel Delay benefits with the plans sold by our reservations office. One plan covers up to $125.00 per day to the policy max of $500.00 per insured is available to claim in the event an insured or immediate family member is quarantined while on the covered trip.  A more comprehensive and highly recommended plan covers up to $250.00 per day to the policy max of $1,000.00.
  • The Staff will assist the Guest with rebooking their return transportation as needed.
employee getting covid test
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