How many resorts do you know that can absolutely guarantee you’ll have an ocean front room?

Surrounded by water on all sides, it’s a guarantee we aren’t afraid to make!

Which view is the best one for you?

Like many instances, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people prefer an viewing only a vast expanse of sea. Others the contrast where the blue waters of the bay contrast again the green mountain of mainland Guanaja. Some want to see the first light of morning; some the deep afternoon shadows on a setting sun. Let us know what your preference. We’ll review our available rooms and help select that which we think will suit you the best.

Choose from an Ocean Front Queen Room with 2 queen beds, an Ocean Front King Room with 1 king bed, the Presidential Suite with 1 king bed of Penthouse 1-Bedroom Suite with 2 queen beds.

views facing west