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Villa on Dunbar Rock Guanaja Honduras

Villa on Dunbar Rock, Guanaja Spring 2016 Update

Discovering Guanaja’s Macro Treasures

Thanks to the excellent photography and teamwork of two of our guests last month, Phil and Jen, we’ve learned we have a rarely seen Wrasse Blenny in residence. The Wrasse Blenny may not win prizes for fancy coloration, but it earns extra points for being a mimic of the quite common Caribbean Bluehead Wrasse during just about every one of its coloration phases, the exception being the terminal phase of adult Bluehead males. What gives the Wrasse Blenny away? The brilliant red eye. Phil and Jen were diving just off the Villa’s dive dock, noses only inches from an isolated coral head in less than 10 feet of water, when they spotted this elusive fish.

Scarlet Striped Cleaner ShrimpDiving the circumference of Dunbar Rock offers up some of the best shallow water shore diving imaginable. You’ll find a mix of sand, turtle grass, concrete and natural boulders, coral heads, sea fans, squid, eels and a surprising large number of fish. Those of you who would otherwise disregard the idea of diving in 10′ – 15′ of water should think again when it comes to diving the parameter of our Rock. Experienced divers, adventure seekers and macro photographers all know that this is where you go to discover the weird and the wonderful! It’s the kind of place a trained eye can find a 1/4 inch Heart Urchin Pea Crab, a gigantic Barracuda or the colorful Scarlet Striped Cleaner Shrimp. Unlimited tanks for diving this area are include in the dive packages, so be sure to give it a go on your next stay with us both during the day and as a dawn or dish dive.

Choices Expand for Inter-Island Transfers

The universe likes to challenge travelers by making the best places to visit the hardest to get to, but Dunbar Rock is doing its best to ease the way! We’ve recently concluded discussions with Honduran airline AeroCaribe, and have succeeded in getting them to launch Saturday non-stop flights between Roatan and Guanaja. The flights are scheduled at just the right time for optimum connection with incoming and outgoing international flights.  Lanhsa Airline remains a good option as well, not only from Roatan but from San Pedro Sula on mainland Honduras.  

We can also arrange for a helicopter charter from Roatan, to fly at your convenience. The helicopter can take up to 4 people with one piece of luggage each at a cost of $1200.00 each way. Contact us when you are ready to think about your inter-island options so we can recommend the best route for you.

Dunbar Rock Funds Hyperbaric Chamber

The first hyperbaric chamber and clinic opened on Guanaja earlier this year. The clinic was made possible through a grant from DAN and generous contributions from Dunbar Rock owner Kirk Laney and his long time friend and associate Delia Cornett.

Funding of the Clinic is just one of the many ways that the Villa is “giving back” to the community and the people of Guanaja.  The Villa on Dunbar Rock is also responsible for having established, with the assistance of a great number of supporters, Guanaja’s first Library and Learning Center in Bonacca that has been stocked with over 10,000 books donated by guests from the Villa.

2016 Room Availability

We still have a few weeks in 2016 during which all or most of our ten rooms are available. These weeks include:

  • August 20 – September 3
  • November 5 – 12
  • November 19 – December 3
  • December 10 – 24

Please let us know if you have interest in these or any other dates, as availability changes regularly and rooms can open up at any time. It’s not too soon to be thinking about 2017 travel either, especially since you can book your stay at the current 10% discounted package rates provided you make your reservation prior to September 2, 2016. Package rates increase by 10% for all reservations made thereafter.  Reservations can be made directly with our, via your local dive retailer, or with your favorite dive travel professional. 

Help Us Prepare For Your Visit

If you’ve already made your reservation, with us, your dive retailer or travel agent, be sure you have received the on-line guest questionnaire we need completed to help prepare for your arrival. From helping us understand your dietary preferences to knowing if you will be celebrating an anniversary or birthday, these questionnaires provide critical information needed for us to ensure you have the best vacation experience possible.

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