Getting to Guanaja

Getting to Guanaja does take a wee bit of effort, but this is what helps keep it so pristine. Once you arrive, it takes no time to realize you are somewhere off the beaten track. You can fly direct to Guanaja from Roatan every Saturday with well-timed onward connections from direct US flights from.

There is a direct flight from Roatan to Guanaja at approximately 3:30 pm on Aero Caribe. Incoming flights should arrive in Roatan no later than 2:00 pm. The return flight leaves Guanaja for Roatan at approximately 10:00 am. Connecting flights out of Roatan should be booked no earlier than 1:00 pm.

When arriving at the airport in Roatan, you will go through customs and collect your luggage.  There will be blue shirted porters looking to assist you with your luggage, which they will take to the Aero Caribe counter for you. Guests can feel comfortable utilizing their trustworthy services. Tipping them $1.00 per bag will be greatly appreciated.

Aero Caribe airplane guests inside the Aero Caribe airplane with luggageThere will also be a Dunbar Rock representative (look for the staff shirt!) waiting for you to take you to the Aero Caribe counter in the terminal.  At this desk, you may be asked to provide your luggage for a weight check. You are allowed one 50 lb. bag or two 25-lb bags for free. Anything over that you may pay $0.50 per lb. You will also need to pay a local security fee of approximately $2.00. Once checked in with Aero Caribe, you can then proceed through security to the departure terminal to await your flight to Guanaja. There is a small snack shop inside the terminal that sells excellent sandwiches and drinks!

Guests will be getting to Guanaja via Aero Caribe flights that are operated with small 9-20 passenger seat aircraft. We have found their service to be highly reliable.  Although there are no overhead bins, carry-on luggage, as shown in the image on the right, is not a problem so long as you don’t mind it sitting on your lap!

Visa & Passport Requirements: All foreign visitors must have a valid passport to enter the country with at least six months remaining validity.

Customs: To enter Honduras, you must present a U.S. passport with at least six months remaining validity. U.S. citizens do not require a visa for tourism, but you must provide evidence of return or onward travel. For other nationalities, it is your responsibility to ensure your own visa requirements, and no refunds will be awarded for customers denied access for lack of a proper visa.

You may bring items that are for your personal use including up to 2 liters of alcohol without paying import duties assuming the items are appropriate for your trip. The items may not be for commercial use such as goods for resale. Scuba divers should not bring spear guns. They are prohibited on the Bay Islands and will be held at the airport until you leave the country.

Getting to the Villa


Getting to Guanaja Airport

You will be greeted by Dunbar Rock representatives as you deplane. Please present your luggage tags to the representatives so they can collect your luggage for you.

The Guanaja airport is a small, open-air structure. From the tarmac you will be able to see directly through it to the boat dock behind it, where the Dunbar Rock boat will be waiting for you. Just head on down to the boat.  We’ll bring your luggage and ask you to identify it so we can deliver it to your room once we arrive at the Villa.

Then it’s time to sit back and relax. 10 minutes later you’ll be at the Resort and your vacation will have officially begun!   Have fun!