We have a substantial stocked of well maintained Mares rental equipment including weight integrated BCD’s in a variety of sizes, regulators, full foot fins, masks and snorkels and dive computers.

We also have wet suits, but in a limited quantity, so you may wish to consider bringing your own.

Prior to your arrival at the Villa you will receive a guest questionnaire in which we inquiry about your need for rental gear.  We should be able to accommodate all rental gear requests, but it is important we know in advance in the event you require an “unusual” size BCD or fin size.

If you are bringing all or part of your own gear, our dive staff will take care of it for you throughout the week. We will store it, rinse it and air dry it daily, and have it ready for you on the boat the next morning.  All you need do it a gear-check before the dive boat departs the dock to ensure all of on board.

Our staff will also gather your gear for you should you wish to do a shore dive “round-the-rock,” rinse it upon completion and have it ready for the next boat dive departure.

Item Daily Weekly
BCD $10.00 $50.00
Regulator with Computer $20.00 $100.00
Mask/Fins/Snorkel $10.00 $50.00
Wetsuit $5.00 $25.00
Full Set of Gear $40.00 $200.00
Dive Light $10.00 $50.00
Dive Computer $10.00 $50.00